Pasture is a specialized CMS (content management system) for malware collections. Its backend is is written in PHP, while the front end is fully customizable through the use of avaliable skins. Skins can be created with HTML, CSS, "Smarty" templates, and any other compatible technologies.

Pasture's name was inspired by Louis Pasteur and his research concerning biological germs and vaccination. The name "Pasture" was chosen instead of "Pasteur" for several reasons.The first is because pasture is much easier to say correctly for many English speaking people. Second, is related to the phrase "out to pasture" and how there are parallels between a fine racehorse being put out to pasture and malware being safely contained and collected. Finally the founder and main contributor to the project is from the state of Wisconsin, USA where there is a lot of farmland and therefore a lot of pasture.